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Upside-Down Dance Technique, Improvisation, and Anatomy Classes Beginning soon!

We are in the process of adding dance classes to our curriculum. Here is what is in the works. We are looking for dance space to rent. Please contact us if you know of anyone wanting to rent out dance space at a reasonable rate. The Dance Conditioning Classes and Anatomy Classes have already started so register now!

Dance Technique-
T/TH/SAT 10:30am-12pm, and Wed 6:45-8:15pm
Upside-Down Contemporary Modern Dance. Our warm-up will be based on conditioning sequences created by Irene Dowd. We will apply current biomechanic principals to dance alignment and movement, practice phrase creation and performance, as well as, enjoy freedom through structure in improvisation and contact improvisation. Knee pads, long sleeve shirt, and small hand towel recommended for class.

Dance Conditioning
Sat 8:30am-9:25am, Mon 7:30pm-8:25pm
In this class we will learn sequences from Irene Dowd, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Pilates, and Lisa Orig. This is the perfect class to fine tune your alignment and neuromuscular coordination while challenge your strength and flexibility.

Dance Improvisation and Contact Improvisation
Sat 12:15-1:45pm
Whether you are an avid improver, or have no idea what dance improv is, this class is sure to be a delight. We will learn how to quite our mind and become one with our fellow dancers. We will focus on moving in and out of the floor with grace and control while preparing to share weight during movement. Creating a clear structure, identifying a movement theme, and supporting your fellow dancers ideas will bring hours of movement fun both to watch and to do! Knee pads, long sleeve shirt, and small hand towel recommended for class.

First Friday Improv Class and Performance

First Friday’s 7-9pm
The only way to learn how to dance is to dance, and the only way to learn how to perform is to perform. That is what this wonderful class is about! From 7 to 8pm we will learn or review our improvisational structure. From 8-9 we will travel through the First Friday Gallery Walk and perform the structure. The structure will be taught through out the previous month in the Saturday 12:15 dance improvisation class, and again at 7pm on First Friday. No experience in dance or improvisation is necessary, just an open mind and heart! Please wear black tennis or dance shoes, black pants you can move in, and a solid bright colored top.

September Structure- quite your mind and follow the leader

Kinestectic Anatomy and Biomechanics Workshops
First Sat of Month 10am-2pm
Open to all individuals who want to learn more about how their body works efficiently. Although we will be looking at it from a dance and Pilates perspective you do not need to be a dancer or Pilates Addict to join us!

Workshops from 10-2pm the first Saturday of the month.
September- Turn out from your hips not your feet. The anatomy behind this common dance correction.
October- Move your arms from you back and keep your shoulders down! The anatomy behind this common dance correction.
November- Point your toes. The anatomy behind this common dance correction.
December- Square your hips. Is it really possible? The anatomy behind this common dance correction.

We will tape our muscles on Herman (the skeleton) and then ourselves while learning the names of the bones, muscles, joints, connective tissues, and arthrokinematics of the joints. We will learn proper biomechanics and specific neuromuscular conditioning exercises to change our less than efficient usages. NO TESTS JUST UNCOVERING THE MYSTERY OF YOUR BODY!

For more information on registration and pricing please go to www.upsidedowndance.com click on dance classes and log in.

Dance Classes
Single $18
Six Pack $ 90
Twelve Pack $150

Anatomy Workshops
$60 per workshop