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November Performance Information

Upside-Down Dance

November 2011

The ARTS at Marks Garage
Honolulu , HI

Upside-Down Dance is back in action!  Formatted in a nontraditional performance setting get ready to be up close and personal with some amazing dancers!  Our show will run November 17th @ 8pm, 18th @8pm, 19th @ 2pm and 8pm, 20th @ 2pm and 7:30pm, 23rd @ 8pm, 25th @ 8pm, 26th @ 2pm and 8pm, and 27th @ 2pm and 7:30pm at the ARTS at Marks Garage.  The show will highlight Honolulu’s most amazing dancers- Malia Yamamoto, Nicole Young, and Adealani Gerkewicz  (all Upside-Down Pilates teachers) along with Shannon Yamamoto and Marisol Garcia.  These five ladies are going to simply rock the house down.

Tickets are available at

Fri and Sat nights often sell out so buy soon!